Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update: You're still a Prick

Cuz I know you all are on the edge of your collective seats saying "Hey, Irish, we just can't continue with our lives without knowing what happened to the Prick and your customer with the motorhome." Well loyal stalkers, I shall tell you.

The Prick faxed me over new loan papers. A 2009 Monaco Motorhome to be financed for $178k. I sent the information to the bank and no sooner did I hit the shiny red "send" button, the phone rang. *Just shoot me. Shoot me now* Its the bank...they need to see the dealer invoice. Okey-dookey, here ya go. We go back and forth over the amount to be financed, the terms, the interest rate, etc. FINALLY the approval comes over! YAY!! *confetti and balloons drop from the ceiling* I was so happy, I felt like grabbing a bottle of Champagne, shaking it and spraying it all over the place in a fit of celebration!

And when I called The Prick to tell him it was appoved, he was sooo happy he offered to buy me an Audi TT Roadster......Ok so he didn't really offer to buy me a car. But he should've with all the work I did!

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Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

well CONGRATS on not having to deal w/ the prick over and over and over again...hopefully this is a done deal this time!