Friday, May 22, 2009


Tomorrow, P-Man turns 4!!! The time has flown by. I can still remember what I was doing 4 years ago today getting ready for his arrival. 27 hours of labor & 4 hours of hard pushing later, he was here. So here's a quick look back at how he's changed in 4 years.

7 months preggo.

1 day old. our first day home.

1 year old. Funny I don't remember
him being so fat. LOL

Christmas 2008.
My Lil Man all grown up!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Damn its good to be a gangsta!

Its pretty quiet in the office today. Ashlee and I are working and talking off and on, listening to the radio, reading blogs. The typical Friday...err daily routine. So this song comes on the "old school" lunch and I start singing along. Without even realizing that I'm doing it and to my amazement, I actually remembered the words. So I start busting out "One, two, three and to the fo'. Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre is at the do'.......Ain't nothing but a G thang, baaaaabay!" Ashlee starts cracking up and tells me that I'm so gangsta. Which brings us to the conversation, what would are gangsta names be? Well being the unimaginative, white girls that we are, we come up with lame ass stuff. Like AssHass for Ashlee (her maiden name was Ashlee Hasselman)So then I remember once an app that was going around Myspace that gave you a gangsta name. Go to my favorite site...Google and sure enough there is a site that will give you a gangsta name. And there goes any productivity that we had.

I go first. Type in my name and wham....I'm now Mad Murderer. Which we immediately changed to Mad M. And as Ashlee pointed out, "Mad M" sounds like "Madame" and is gangsta and "naughty" all at the same time. GENIUS!!

Ashlee is next. Type in her name and wham....She's now "Bling-Bling Genius". Which we shortened to "Bling-Bling". And if you ask me, is A LOT better then AssHass!!

I decide that this is just TOO much fun and we plug in Bling-Bling's DH's name, Brandon. He is now "Annoying Thug" We start busting up. Its actually really fitting, cuz when Brandon starts acting gangsta it really is annoying. Despite what he may think, he has NO mad rhymes!

Ashlee then says that we should see what Steve's gangsta name would be...da da da da! Steve is now "Crazy Offender". IDK why, but this made us laugh even more.

*wipes tear from eye* awwww good times. So give it a try then lemme know, what's your gangsta name? Keep it real, yo! (See I'm already taking like a gangsta! NOT)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!! (a day late)

As told by me in a 1000 words~

(me, my brother and my mom)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Eat your heart out, Ladies

I hate to gloat, but I'm gonna. Steven just had Star Gazer Lilies delivered to my office...just because. These are my ALL TIME favorite flowers. Thus going to prove that I have the BEST BF on the face of the Planet!!!! You can all hate me now! =p

April showers bring May flowers

It seems that no matter where you turn, there is bad news every where. From the economy, unemployment rates, the fires in Santa Barbara, death, destruction, etc, etc, etc. Even I myself have had negatives in my life recently. Both my Father and Grandfather have been seriously ill, I only get to see my son 50% of the time now and I'm a statistic (divorced, single mother). There is one thing I have learned though and that's negative thoughts and energy only bring more negative thoughts and energy. While yes, there will always continue to be negativity in the World, I'm not going to focus on it anymore. I'm going to stop this "circle of sadness" I'm choosing to focus on the positive!

And a HUGE "thank you" to Day for helping me to see the light. It was only after reading Day's blog yesterday that I started to see things in a different light. So here are the things that I'm thankful for. (In no particular order)

  • I have a happy, healthy son who loves me and who I love without boundaries or limits.
  • I have the most awesome, perfect boyfriend on the face of the planet who accepts me for who I am with all of my idiosyncrasies (and believe me, there are A LOT!!) and spoils me rotten!
  • I have a job. (Albeit, it may suck some days, but I'm happy to be working)
  • I have family and friends who genuinely love and care about me no matter how screwed up I may be.
  • I have a roof over my head.
  • I'm no longer living off my credit cards and thus in that vicious cycle of credit card debt!
  • I'm still friends with my ex-husband and we have our son's best interests and well being at heart.
  • I have reconnected with some really great friends from high school, that I lost contact with years ago.
  • I got rid of and will continue to rid myself of cancerous relationships.
  • I am finally finding my true self after I forgot who I was for SO many years.

I could go on and on about things that I'm thankful for. What about you? How are the "flowers" in your garden doing?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parenting FAIL

When I saw this my jaw hit the floor and I was speechless....I KNOW!!! Crazy. When don't I have something to say?!?! Due to my lack of words, today's post is courtesy of Steve via our email exchange!

IG: If I ever think I'm a bad parent, all I have to do is look at this and then I feel better about myself. =D
SB: LOL even WE aren't that bad!
IG: Did you notice the 2 different shoes?!?! LOL
SB: Yeah that's just weird.
IG: Although IDK, after yesterday, I'm pretty sure we're going to Hell in a GIANT hand basket!!! Poor Erna! =D
SB: Here's the commentary on the picture that was goin on in my head:
BadGirl95: "which shoes should I wear to "work" tonight, Babe?"
LilPimp: "Lunch?"
BigPimp85: "Hold on lemme take a picture for your craigslist ad"
LilPimp: "Lunch?"
BadGirl95: "okay - That is hawt"
LilPimp: "Ummm...Lunch?"
BigPimp85: "There perfect, U'll make lots of $ tonight."
LilPimp: "okay, not funny to tease the kid....Lunch."
BadGirl95: "I'm excited about my "career"!"
LilPimp: "I'm waiting! Lunch?"
BigPimp85: "Yo, my werk is done, I'm going to play xbox. Make me a sammich!"