Sunday, January 25, 2009

Support the twins!

I want to first start out by saying, what does Victoria Secret have against women who are bigger than a 34B?? Of course when I do find a $65 bra that I like, its NEVER in my size! Do they think that only the flat chested girls like to wear cute, frilly bras? Does VS think that "fat" girls only want to wear beige, black or some God awful yellow color?? I want something cute and sexy and have more than just 3 colors to choose from! Which brings me to the point of this post.
I recently purchased some new "everyday" bras from VS. Go figure, the ones I liked (and actually in my size) only came in black and light pink. Fine! I'll take one of each. (Let me interject for one second. In my bras I require support and A LOT of it. I don't just want an underwire, I want an under-shelf. And because I'm active with Master P, I need something that is going to cover and keep the girls in snug.) You can imagine my hesitation when the bras I fell in love with only come in demi-cups. (For those of you who don't know, demi-cups are the invention of Satan. They only cover half the breast and with movement, you end up looking like you have 4 boobs. While this may seem and look exciting to you men, I find it rediculous to have to keep pushing the girls back down when they start popping up like Punxsutawney Phil looking for his shadow on Groundhog's Day!) But I get them anyway.
The other day, I'm doing my normal Saturday thing in my newly acquired VS bra. I'm dusting and vaccuming and playing with Master P. Well in the midst of bending over to pickup a Matchbox car, one of the girls tries to make a run for it. Not only did she make a run for the border, but I was wearing a loose t-shirt, so you could easily see right down it when bent over. She was winking. Headlight on for safety! (If you know what I mean) WTF?? I mean come on! How can you, Miss Victoria sleep with yourself at night? You charge me $45 for half a bra that doesn't even do its job! Is it just me? Does anyone else have this problem? I'm seriously thinking of going down to my local Lowe's and purchasing duct tape to keep the twins in. It would be a Hell of a lot cheaper!


Day said...

Big boobied ladies unite and protest this atrocity. Protect the girls and thier headlights!

Irish Girl said...

We should make a flag for the BBL of the World and protest VS and her little secrets!

SteveBargelt said...

I have a serious love/hate relationship with VS. I love their product but HATE that whenever we find something it is so hard, if not impossible to find it in a size for a woman with HOT breasts!

Who the fuck is VS targeting? Wouldn't Victoria in all her infinite wisdom think that women who actually HAVE breast are the one who want to show them off???

SteveBargelt said...

Oh yeah and thanks honey for the idea... expect a VS blog post/rant from me in the near future!