Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

This morning started out like any typical morning. Master P is on the couch watching Elmo. (I LOVE that little monster....Elmo that is!). Master P asked if he could eat some of his left over mini-M&M's, sure I told him. What the heck, I'm taking him to day care, I don't have to deal with the sugar high and the sugar low *evil laughter*. I go back and finish getting ready. I come out to finish watching cartoons with Master P before we leave. I take one look at his face and almost faint.

Now picture this...its a dark and stormy morning in Seattle (there's shock), the room is dimly lit and there is a thick reddish-brown substance ALL over Master P's nose, mouth, chin. He is sitting on the couch with a tear in his eye and a finger up his nose. I nearly faint. All I can think is that he somehow fell and broke is nose, I mean it was that bad.

Calmly I ask him what happened.
MP-"I got an MnM stuck up my nose."
I try not to giggle. "Honey, why is there and M&M up your nose."
MP-"I wanted to smell it."
IG-"Ok, but how did it get up your nose?"
MP-"Well I couldn't smell it good enough, so I stuck it up a little further and now I can't get it out."

I laugh uncontrollably. After a few minutes of a warm washcloth, it acutally starts to the line about "melts in your mouth not in your hands" thats pure bullshit...they also melt in your nose. I wash his face off and told him that we don't stick anything, especially little M&Ms up our noses.

I just wish when I was pregnant and taking all those usless pre-natal classes that only scared the crap out of me instead of comforting me, they would've taught us some "real life" stuff. Like how to remove a M&M from your child's nose!


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

LOL that is freaking hilarious!

Day said...

That is frickin hilarious! Reminds me of myself as a child. Shoved a button up my nose...yup. Had to go to the emergency room!