Sunday, January 18, 2009

The stage is set!

Its no secret that my BF LOVES Shittsburgh (props Two Twins.), I can't say that I HATE Pittsburgh (hate is such a strong word). They have some stand-up guys like Heinz Ward and Troy Polamalu. Not to mention that even after Heinz gets tackeled, he jumps up with a smile. Truly a man who LOVES playing the game for the game and not for the money. But after SB XL, I dislike Pittsburgh. (The fact that Ben Roethlisberger went on Dave Letterman and admitted that the TD was not actually a TD...duh...just irks me to no end...CHEATERS!!!) I've been flip-flopping teams during the playoffs and hopping on any band wagon for the team playing against the Steelers.

So this is it, the stage has been set. The
Philly Eagles lost to the Arizona Cardinals today...can you say upset? And the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Steelers...can you say, duh? In two weeks the Cards will be playing the Steelers in SB XLIII. I suppose I have to root for the Cards. Here's why: I'm a West Coast girl by birth and by nature...and a Steeler disliker by default. Also I LOVE arguing my BF over blown calls and it foreplay. So on February 1st I will be dawning some sort of attire in red and white and rooting for the Cards. I have to say that it's nice to see a West Coast team in the SB again. I'm sick of watching to East Coast teams that I could give a fuck about playing in the Super Bowl! Now if we could somehow get two West Coast teams in there, I'd be in Heaven!!! A girl can dream, can't she?

So sorry
Twins, but I hope you'll be with me in rooting for the Cards on February 1st!!! And sorry, Honey, but if our love can survive football season, it can survive anything. And yes I do think that only little bitches wave yellow towels!! So every Steelers hater raise your chosen pint with me and yell "Go Cards!".

On a side note, I'm sure my love and I will have a bet going (which I'm sure I will lose again) so stay tuned for the details. I have no doubt that I'll end up in a pub wearing a Steelers jersey and a pair of high heels! =D


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I am so mad at how the Eagles played, but at least the Phillies won it for us this year lol. Even though I live in PA I can't bring myself to root for Shitsburgh. GO CARDS! lol

SteveBargelt said...

GO STEELERS!!! First off I had a great time watching the game with you! Well some of the game... yeah we caught the important bits any way! LOL!

Yes a bet... since it is on this public forum I guess it can't be TOO crazy, huh? I'd love to hear suggestions from any of your readers.

BTW the line this morning has Pittsburgh favored by 6.5.

Day said...

Feel free to make a BIG RED "FU SHITTSBURGH" towel! I call it the "anti-terrible towel"!!!!

Irish Girl said...

Day: I'm on my way to Joanne's right now! I think I'm going to make it big enough so Steve can cry into it after Shittsburgh loses! LOL