Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So NOW you want my help!

God I LOVE customer service! NOT. For the past week, I have been working daily on helping a customer who happens to be in Arizona at the moment, get financed for a motorhome with State Farm Bank. (bet ch'ya didn't know State Farm had a bank, huh?) At first the sales was a man...the sales man tells me and sends me paperwork for a 2008. Ok sweet, this should be no problem. Declined. WTF?!?! Now, I should probably stop here and interject, this little 'ol lady has like $1.4 million...yes MILLION in liquid assets just sitting there collecting measly interest. She could easily just pay cash for the $175k motorhome, but REALLY wants to finance it with SF...back to the story: I call my new BFF and tell him that she's going to need to put more money down. No problem, he sends me the revised paperwork and presto, she's approved. I send him the approval. (Keep in mind that this is now almost a week later.) Not 10 minutes later I get a call from him....FUCK ME NOW WHAT!?!?! He gave me the wrong information...REALLY!?!? Its not a 2008 for $175k but a 2003 for $175k. Fine. Send me the paperwork and I'll see what I can do.....Declined....well who didn't see that coming?!?

Make my umpteenth call to the bank, now what!?!? Turns out that the NADA price on this bad boy is $145k, they are ripping off our customer. The loan to value is too high. OK, call Arizona again, blah, blah, blah, you're ripping off our customer, can she put more money down. He'll talk to her. *Ring, Ring*, guess who....oh just bend me over now!!! Well this time its his manager!

This prick proceeds to start ripping me a new one about how I NEED to get this pushed through and I NEED to start doing my job and I NEED to stop delaying. I try to explain nicely to this "gentleman" that the NADA guide book doesn't support the amount of money he's charging our customer for a 2003 vs. a 2008 at which point said Prick tells me that if I traded in my Toyota for a Mercedes, don't I think the Mercedes would cost more? OH NO you didn't!! *Irish Temper in full swing* First of all DON'T assume you know what I drive! Secondly, you are ripping off our customer and Thirdly, since Bank of America is willing to give her 5% and we are going to give her 8%, why in the fuck are you charging MY client 3% more over 240 months?!?! (I'll wait while you do the math. *hums to self*) EXACTLY!!! She's paying more in interest then the fucking motorhome is worth!!! (oh yeah and the fucker made me cry. DICK, now I have to go reapply my make up) At the end of the day, several calls later, several supervisors and directors later, we reach an agreement $160 k to loan and 180 months. Great, sweet, wonderful, we all dance a jig, and I grab some alcohol!

Fast forward to this morning. *ring, ring*....just fuck me dry with a carrot. Are you shitting me?!?! The customer changed her mind. Excuse the fuck out of me...there is no changing your mind, the check has been sent, the paperwork completed. It just "wasn't meant to be" with the 2003....she's buying a 2009 now. So Mr. Prick is being all nicey-nice to me and "I'm just so sweet and so great and wonderful"...can I please resubmit the loan? I grit my teeth and tell the bastard to fax me the knew info. Like, I said, customer service, gotta love it!

I'm NOW heading out for an electric which I may NOT come back from!!!

Stay tuned for the updates. Still don't know if this one is gonna be approved!


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

you go get your electric lunch!!! you totally deserve it for all that b.s. Just wish I could join you, I need one today too LOL

SteveBargelt said...

Sometimes you just gotta say "BUCKET!" - hope you days gets better honey!

Day said...

OMG, you have had a lot of action! You must be sore! F'ing customers...who needs em?