Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'll let you whip me if I miss behave

No this isn't a post about our recent sexcapades. This is a post about our Super Bowl bet. So the bet is in 3 parts. Let me back up a bit first. Steve and I have made a bet for the Super Bowl. We decided to play on points. I have the Cardinals at +7 and he has Shittsburgh at -7. This means that Shittsburgh has to win by MORE THAN 7 points in order for him to win the bet. Even if the final score is 21-20 Shittsburgh, I still win the bet. The way I figure it though, no matter who wins the bet, I still end up a winner!!
Part 1: The loser is the winner's slave for the day. This can be done in whatever capacity the winner decides. Maid, chauffeur, personal chef, errand boy, etc, etc. You name it, the other person must do it. And since I'll be moving soon, the bet happens at the most opportune time for me!
Part 2: The winner gets to write a post about the "slave day" on both of our blogs with NO editing by the slave...err...loser. (Steve added this AFTER the initial bet was already placed btw. Typical Steerlers fan! Always bending the rules their way!)
Part 3: The winner gets to write a post to the loser's blog about ANYTHING. I'm sure if I lose, you ladies will be reading about how to get more storage out of your home computer *yawn*. And if he loses...well let's just say that the techie geeks that normally read his blog will learn a lot more about women then they EVER wanted to know. *evil laughter*. There is a catch though:There will be no editing or deleting of said post by the loser.
So that's it. Those are the terms. Sure its not being parading through the local pubs wearing just a #75 Shittsburgh jersey and my CFMPs (crap! Just gave him an idea) but it leaves A LOT to the winner's imagination. Oh and my dear, sweet BF did put one other condition on the whole blog post thing: no naked pictures! CHICKEN!!! Guess he knows he's gonna lose and well...yeah, he knows me ALL too well! *evil laughter*


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I really really hope the Cardinals win for your sake! LOL

SteveBargelt said...

I can't wait for Sunday honey! This will be So fun! Everyone at the party knows about "the bet" who knew people actually read out blogs!

Lets face you'd all rather see pics of Irish than of me... so GO STEELERS!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca... I'll be nice to Irish - I PROMISE! *evil laughter*