Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ramblings on the Farm

I present for your enjoyment snippets of converstaion between Ashlee and myself.

M: So, OMG, on the cover of my Shape magazine last month was Faith Hill. Not fair!! She's had 3 kids AND has 6-pack abs. *pouts*
A: Yes, but she can also afford a personal chef, she can afford to buy stuff like fruits and vegetables and she has a personal trainer at home.
M: Its just NOT FAIR!!! She has Tim McGraw AND 6-pack abs! *stuffs face with chocolate*
A: Did you just say Tim MaCraw???
M: No, I said Tim Mc Graw, my mouth is just full of chocolate raisins!

A: You know, when I first started Jen told me to watch out cuz you don't always take you happy pills.
M: Well just so you know, I take them on Sunday, Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.
A: No wonder we have electric lunches on Fridays.

A: Man, I'm gonna need to go clothes shopping pretty soon.
M: Well you have lost a lot of weight.
A: I mean look at these pants, they look like I took a big ol dump in them.
M: Ewww, you doodied in your pants!

A: So last night B asked me if I have my period at night or in the morning.
M: Isn't it usually all day?
A: No he meant when do I start. I told him that it can depend but its usually light when it starts. B said to make sure to tell him cuz he doesn't want to wake up in a pool of blood.
M: Are you kidding me? Its not like you spring a leak and spurt like some horror movie.
A: That's what I told him, but he says he gonna sleep in the other room so it doesn't get him.
M: Yes cuz blood has a mind of its own and may attack him in the middle of the night and turn him into a zombie.


Day said...

You are wretched. I hate being alone at work! I want electric lunches, shit, I just want conversation!

Ashlee and Brandon said...

Yes I pooped my pants. And I would like to have the "timmaccraw" like Faith Hill has. LOL