Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The week were both the Steelers and SeaHawks fuck me!

Here we are at week 2 of the season. I did pretty good last week. Seems like the 1st week was a pretty big no-brainer. The teams that you knew were going to win, won. But will week 2 shape up? Again my picks are in purple.

  • Pats vs. J-E-T-S (Jets win)

  • Saints vs. Eagles (Saints win)

  • Rams vs. Redskins (Skins win)

  • Cards vs. Jags (Cards win)

  • Panthers vs. Falcons (Falcons win)

  • Vikings vs. Lions (Vikings win)

  • Bengals vs. Packers (Bengals win)

  • Texans vs. Titans (Texans win)

  • Raiders vs. Chiefs (Raiders win)

  • Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Bills (Bills win)

  • Seahawks vs. 49ers (49ers win)

  • Ravens vs. Chargers (Ravens win)

  • Steelers vs. (da) Bears (Bears win)

  • Browns vs. Broncos (Broncos win)

  • Giants vs. Cowboys (Giants win)

  • Colts vs. Dolphins (Colts win)

Well, I got pretty much screwed over last Sunday!! Thank Goddess, I wasn't putting money down on my picks. ARGH!!! It was a frustrating week. See if I ever pick the Steelers again!! A-holes!! I give you a little bit of faith and you screw me over! I'm NOT!! See y'all in Week 3.

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