Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week 4 & the week I STOP picking the Steelers!

Its that time of the week again. Nope NOT when I get into a fight in the parking lot with the Douche Bag, but football picks time. Say, did I tell you about our "fight" in the parking lot? NO?!? Well my bad...but this post is about my football pix. I'll have to tell you about our fight next time! So last week, I regained my top prognosticator position! About time! I picked 12 of the 16. I mean WHO knew that the Lions would win?!? I guess they were due. But without further ado my picks for Week 4!

  • Giants vs. Chiefs

  • Bucs vs. Redskins

  • Titans vs. Jags

  • SeaHawks vs. Indy

  • Raiders vs. Texans

  • Bengals vs. Browns

  • Lions vs. Bears (OH MY)

  • Ravens vs. Pats (okay this was a TOUGH pick for me!)

  • Bills vs. Dolphins

  • J-E-T-S vs. Saints (again another TOUGH pick!)

  • Cowboys vs. Saints

  • Chargers vs. Steelers (that's right, eff you Shitsburgh!)

  • Rams vs. 49ers

  • Packers vs. Vikings

IDK. This week was a really tough week for me to pick. There were SEVERAL match-ups where I would want both teams to win, but since that doesn't happen, I went with the best home/away record and even sometimes that was even, so then since I'm such a girlie girl I went with which uniform colors I liked best! I know, I'm lame! Bring on Sunday and the pigskin!!

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