Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It can ONLY get better!!

Week 3 is upon us. Ashlee and I did our picks at work today. I get SO excited when the new pick sheets come out!! I'm really hoping that I can redeem myself from my dismal showing last week. I only picked 7 right. Oh well, I beat Ashlee, she only got 6 right! Without further ado...

  • Falcons vs. Pats (Pats)

  • Titans vs. J-E-T-S (J-E-T-S)

  • Giants vs. Bucs (Giants)

  • Packers vs. Rams (Packers)

  • Browns vs. Ravens (Ravens)

  • Redskins vs. Lions (Lions) Okay, honestly, WHO saw THAT coming?

  • Jags vs. Texans (Jags)

  • 49ers vs. Vikings (Vikings)

  • Chiefs vs. Eagles (what up Twins!!) (Eagles)

  • Saints vs. Bills (Saints)

  • (da) Bears vs. SeaHawks (I know, I know I went against the hawks at home!!) (DA Bears)

  • Steelers vs. Bengals (Bengals)

  • Dolphins vs. Chargers (Chargers)

  • Broncos vs. Raiders (Broncos)

  • Colts vs. Cardinals (Colts)

  • Panthers vs. Cowboys (Cowboys)

YES I KNOW!!! I went against the Hawks at home AND the Raiders at home. AND I picked the Steelers. I'm sure H3ll is beginning to freeze over as we speak. ARGH!! Perhaps it's Steven who is brain washing me with all of his black and gold (its really yellow) stuff!!! Oh well, can't wait for Sunday to see how I do this week!!

So let me know. Do you agree or disagree with my picks? How are you doing so far this season?

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