Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Bun In The Oven

*Today's Disclaimer Bitches.... No one is pregnant (at least as far as we know or are willing to admit) this is just an example of the madness that is our office*

Some days are slow around The Farm and when we get bored Ashlee and I come up with crack-pot ideas and scenarios....ALOT!! Recently in 1 of our brain-storm sessions we noticed that we were both feeling the same symptoms: hot, dizzy, nauseous, hungry but never fully satisfied, craving things like KFC cole slaw and a bean burrito (with extra cheese, no onions and fire sauce), extremely tired....well you get the picture. So we said to each other "Hey You must be pregnant". Ashlee being the....smarter of us two, went to the local Dollar Tree (YES the Dollar store!!!) and bought herself a pregnancy test....negatory. I on the other hand, I LOVE Egypt this time of year and insist on living in Denial! Honestly, its gorgeous and the sun is always shinning. But I digress.

So in talking about being pregnant we decided that no zygote should go unnamed. *Giggle* I just LOVE that word....zygote. It just tickles me, kinda like saying the word 'spelunking'.

Whoops off track again....yet another symptom, you lose brain cells!

So we decided that zygote needs to have a name. We can't just very well call it "It" what kind of a mother would I be? The kind that is not quite divorced to one person and yet is in a serious relationship with another...that's what kind! LOL

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Baby Zygote. Her name is 'ǻZёёanqdrieia-FrΫdaǽ Desembrrr-Whintare T'BarqillyT. For those of you who don't speak trailer trash, let me interrupt for you. Its Zandrea-Friday December-Winter Barley. And just in case you're curious where the Friday, December and Winter came from, that's all Ashlee. See she wants to name her real life kids after the Day of the week they are born, the month and the season.

Now our mantra in the office is "what Zygote wants, Zygote gets" So if we're Jonesing for some yummy Girl Scout cookies, its not actually Ashlee and I that want them, its zygote! =D


Ashlee and Brandon said...

I love your zygote's name. Very becoming. Kinda like Qroot. Kute but not cute. You gotta keep it real in The Farm. Our office is kinda like the book The Animal Farm by George Orwell... crazy things happen.

Irish Girl said...

You have a very good point! I can't wait for Q'r and A'Z to play together! =D

Day said...

Once again, you broads are CRAZY!

SteveBargelt said...

Oh how I love our little 'ǻZёёanqdrieia-FrΫdaǽ Desembrrr-Whintare T'BarqillyT

Just wait until we're mad at her and call her by her full name... she'll REALLY know she's in trouble when all 5 names are used!