Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome to Washington, now go the Fuck home!

*Here's your disclaimer Bitches: F-bomb dropped 8 times*

IDK what's with me, but I'm easily irritated today. Perhaps its because I woke up hung-over and fucking dehydrated at 5am, then proceeded to toss and turn until I FINALLY fell back to sleep just at the time my alarm is going off. Perhaps its because my triple shot mocha has worn off. Perhaps even still its because my knee hurts and is scabbed up from vehicle sex!! (hazards of having a fucking hot BF!!!). *shrugs* Perhaps its a little bit of everything.

Working in insurance, occasionally you happen to run into morons. People who don't necessarily get the concept that (at least in this state) you need to maintain current insurance on your vehicle and have a valid state license. People who think that because they weren't born here the rules somehow don't apply to them. Let me speka slow: NO your Mexico license doesn't count. NO your international license doesn't count. I don't care that you've been living here and driving (uninsured might I add) for the last year while still maintaining your Mexico license. Washington State Laws clearly state that once residency has been established, you have 30 days to get a WA driver's license. Also, state law clearly says that ALL vehicles MUST be insured. I'm sure that these two points are even available in Spanish for those who haven't bothered to learn English while living here, working here and taking advantage of social programs which I'm NOT eligible for because I was born here, although part of my pay check and taxes go to support your fucking ass!!!

Which brings me to another point: LEARN THE LANGUAGE!!! Please stop barging into my office waving your arms in the air doing the "gansta challenge" walk and ask me if "Eny budy es speka es Spanish", then when I say no, don't get all pissy and roll your eyes! Does it look like I es speka es Spanish? No, I can barely order off the Taco Bell menu! I es speka the fucking language here...English. (Granted, sometimes its ghetto, but English none-the-less.) Then when I tell you that I can't help you with insurance because you have ignored the state laws, PLEASE don't fucking argue with me. Really Jose??? So you're telling me that you know my job better then I do and yet you're the one that's breaking the law! Stop asking me 50 times if I'm sure. Yes I'm FUCKING sure that I can't write your auto insurance. The answer isn't going to change no matter how many times you ask! I'm sick and tired of people using the crutch that they were breaking the laws because "they don't speak the language." Fuck you, learn it or go home!

Now go hop back into your uninsured POS and get me a margarita! Don't forget the little umbrella!!


Ashlee and Brandon said...

I es speaka: Get yo stinky ass out of my office!!! and close the door. I realize in Mexico some houses don't have doors and you were most likely born in a barn. BUT in Los Estados Unidos we close mother fucking doors and take showers.

Irish Girl said...


SteveBargelt said...

OMFG... you CRACK me the fuck up!

Uno mas cerveza, por favor!

Sorry about your knee!!

Irish Girl said...

I know Spanish Bitches!!! Passa el Corona, now-O.

Day said...

HOLY SHIZ! I feel your pain mamma! "Does it look like I speak Spanish" LMAO!!!