Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Breakfast and $123.74 in alcohol

Today Ashlee and I took advantage of one of the greatest of American past times....free food. That's right, today only from 6am-2pm Denny's was offering their grand slam breakfast for free. YES FOR FREE!!! I had actually totally forgotten about this until I got into the office this morning and Ashlee was so kind to remind me. Around 10:30 we headed to our local Denny's.
OMFG!!! That place was PACKED!!! Not only can't we find a place to park, but we nearly get rear-ended by a bunch of teenagers cutting class on their way to a "free" meal. Here are some bit and pieces of conversations that we heard as we entered the building and waited for our table:
Teen#1: DUDE, We should go wait inside. Just saw our principal drive by!
Waitress: How many in your party?
Teen#2: 2. Right there's 2 of us? *looks at friend with bewilderment*
Teen#3: No, there's 4 of us.
(internal thought: maybe you should be attending math class instead of trying to get a free breakfast)
Teen#4: Holy shit! This is like my 3rd free breakfast this morning.
(internal thought: yes and that's why you weigh as much as a house and have to wear a muu muu)
Waitress: Is there anyone waiting over 21 to sit in the bar?
Ashlee: *waves arms hysterically, screaming* Oh us! Us! Us!!! We're over 21!!! 2! 2!! There's 2 of us!!!
So, yes, we got to sit in the bar cuz we're just cool like that. We ordered our free breakfast and a couple of hot tawdys. Some days "electric lunches" come at 10:30am!! Thanks Denny's!

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Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I compltely forgot about the free breakfast! DARN IT! have fun at your electric lunch...I need one! I am thinking Friday would be a good day for one