Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's post has been brought to you by the letter S.

After reading Malskey's blog yesterday and The Two Twins blog today, I thought what the frig? Its Friday, give me a letter. TTT was too kind and gave me a choice between "L" and "S". I picked S. I now have to name 10 things that I like about "S" and describe why I like it. *Clears throat* *cracks knuckles* Here we go ladies, I hope I do you proud!
(in NO particular order)
Son~ Ok, this one is pretty much a no brainer. I LOVE Master P!! Who wouldn't? My son is the most amazing little person on Earth. He is smart, articulate, loves sports, witty, funny. This kids sense of humor is going to get me SEVERAL meetings with teachers I fear. Not to mention he has already figured out that the ladies LOVE a man with a sense of humor. The things he will do to get a laugh from a girl is nothing short of genius! I love just sitting back and watching him in action. When he gets in the "zone" its non-stop laughter.
Steve~ I love my geek BF to no end! He is sweet and smart and sexy (HEY!! Those are all "S"s does that count?!? No? ok). He has helped me to remember who I am and to help me figure out the woman that I want to be and the Mother that my Son deserves. So, I can't really hold the fact that he's a card carrying member of the Shittsburgh fan club against him too much. It does make for some fun times during football season..we call it foreplay!!
SEX!!!~ Ok, so this is a little to easy. What more do I need to say??? Sex is amazing. ESPECIALLY with someone who really gets you and gets what you like! I'll spare you all from the details! =) And not to mention, I LOVE saying that word. SEX. Go on try saying it to yourselves. How can you not get giddy and maybe just a little randy saying it??? I would much prefer to spend 45 minutes having sex then running on a treadmill or lifting weights ANY day! If you're not having sex, wtf is wrong?!? As Ashlee so poignantly stated the other day "you'll have plenty of time to sleep when your dead. Have as much sex as you can while you still can."
Shoes~ Yes, I'm a self-admitted shoe whore!! I LOVE shoes!!! I keep ALL my shoes in the boxes they came in. I take pictures of my shoes as soon as I get them and then I tape a picture to the outside of the box. OCD you say??? Ok, maybe a little. But it makes it really easy when I'm rushing in the morning to find that perfect pair. I LOVE ALL kinds of shoes. Stilettos, pumps, platforms, open toed, strappy. You name it (ok except for flip flops, but I argue that those are shoes any how) and I will wear them and love them and take them home and call them "George". LOL. And the fact that my BF LOVES shoes (particularly my shoes) as much as I do is a bonus!!!
Satin~ What woman doesn't feel sexy in satin?? Its a luxurious fabric. The way it hugs the body and accentuates every curve without being clingy, it Heaven. There is nothing hotter than a nice, low cut satin dress with a nice pair of heels. Talk about arm candy!! In fact the first thing I bought for my new apartment was a set of black satin sheets. I have no bed, no mattress, but damn it, I'll be sleeping in style on some satin sheets!!!
Sapphires~ Marilyn once said that "Diamonds are a girls best friend". While I love you Marilyn, I have to disagree. Diamonds, while nice, are ordinary. They are plain. They are everywhere. I LOVE sapphires, rubies, amethyst, black diamonds (while yes still technically diamonds, they are black. there's a difference). In fact, my wedding set was 1 diamond surrounded by several sapphires. I LOVE how they can range in color from almost an ocean blue to black. Give me color. Give me unique!!
San Jose Sharks~ I grew up in San Jose and I so happy when they got a hockey team. Though we have yet to when The Stanley Cup, we definitely have the potential. In fact I got my first Sharks jersey for Christmas this year. My Love bought me a Jonathan CheeChoo jersey!! I'm sooo excited to wear it. (care to take a stab at what team Steve likes. If you said the Shittsburgh Penguins, you get a gold star). Even Master P has a Nabokov jersey and we play hockey together. There is nothing better then going to a hockey game, beer in hand, swearing like a sailor and watching a fight!
Snuggle~ I love to snuggle (and NO I'm talking about the fabric softener). On the couch, in bed, watching a movie or a football game. It doesn't matter. I'm a snuggler. And I'm an equal opportunity snuggler. I LOVE snuggling with Master P under a blanket watching SpongeBob or iCarly. And I LOVE snuggling with Steve, watching a movie or just talking. Its so comforting. And sometimes at the end of a long day, its much needed. Time to unwind and just be. I think the best thing is snuggling in front of a fire on a cold night with some red wine! (bear skin rug optional).
Smirnoff~ Come on, you know I couldn't go a whole post and NOT mention alcohol! Oh Smirnoff, my friend. How do I love thee? You seem to make the World a better place and can make any liquid taste better. Just name it. Red me wings to party all nice. Cranberry juice...cures a bladder infection and an UTI and makes me not care that I have them. Berry 7-up....the way the bubbles tingle on my tongue. Coke....I am a skinny bitch. Straight....cuz sometimes, its just that kind of electric lunch!!
Some Like It Hot~ This is my favorite all time movie!! Its a classic black and white. It stars Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. I first saw this movie when I was in grade school with my Aunt who is 10 years older than I am. It's become one of "our" things. Every now and again, when I'm in Cali visiting, we will pour some wine and watch it together. If you haven't seen it, go rent it. I promise, you won't be disappointed. And honestly, let's face it, some do like it hot!! MEOW!! (Speaking of 'meow', I'm going to cheat and do another movie. I LOVE Super Troopers. Its the funniest shyt I have EVER seen. And it gets funnier every time I see it. I just love those State Troopers and their cheeky shenanigans! LOL Again, another must rent!)
Ok, Twins, there ya go. I hope it doesn't disappoint. If anyone wants to play along, just leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter. Now off to my electric lunch!


Day said...

I must agree w/ many of your points. Steves are great! I love my sapphires too! Look at my ring! And, like a true fat girl, I love me some shoes!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

you made me very proud! I was nodding my head in agreement to most of your list (not including sports teams). I have to say I discovered Smirnoff Green tea the other day and I am in love!

SteveBargelt said...

Great post honey!

Sex (of course!)
Shoes (OMFG your feet are SO GD HOT!!!) I do loves me some shoes.

I'd add one...

Irish Girl said...

Darn it Steven!! Where were you several hours ago? Although I guess in a way, slave goes under sex! =D

MommaKiss said...

Yowza! Found you from DPH, and holy Hotness!
I have a 3 and a half yr old boy, as well. Crazy ass kids. His brother lis 17 months. Lord help me now.

Anyway - love your blog pic, and look forward to following ya!