Monday, February 16, 2009

VD Sucks

Truth be told, I had an awesome Valentine's weekend! We escaped to the Olympic Peninsula, stayed at a quaint lodge in the Olympic Rain Forrest, we hiked, we talked, we hiked some more. It was great. No phones, no TV, no Internet. Just the two of us! It was perfect. We had also agreed no presents for VD. Of course we both found reasons to get each other stuff. I got several things for my "new apartment" and Steve got some "congratulatory" Steelers stuff from EatN'Park.
But now its rant time kiddies. So grab your nap mats, a blankie and snuggle up for my rant of the day. As promised I'm going to tell you why I hate VD! *steps on soap box*
I think VD is just a way for retailers to rebound from the post-holiday slump and I think jewelry stores are the biggest offenders. I challenge you to find a commercial aimed at guys that says "if your SO loves you, she'll buy you a new set of Craftsmen tools." Go on, I'll wait *hums to self*
Beginning on December 26th, retailers start telling guys "if you don't buy your SO jewelry or red roses, you don't love her." Coincidentally, they start telling girls that "if your SO doesn't give you jewelry or red roses, they don't love you." Have you ever noticed how roses, even those sold at a local grocery store, increase 10 fold in price? Its the same flower on the 14th as it will be on the 15th, but why so much more expensive? And what about Hallmark? Making some poor guy spend $10 on a card using someone else's words when he could easily make something so much more personal for less? And a note here to the ladies, men hate getting cards. They don't read them anyhow! You might as well take that $10 and throw it right in the recycle bin! Save yourself the frustration and agony of hours spent trying to find that "perfect" card with the cutesy-whootsy cuddly bear on the front!
I also happen to think that getting engaged on Christmas or VD is a cop out! There's NOTHING romantic about getting engaged the same day as thousands of other people! It screams, "I waited until the last minute to get you a gift, so here let's get married." Talk about shit or get off the pot!! Its no wonder that guys hate VD, talk about undo pressure! They feel like if they don't propose, then they really don't love their GFs when maybe she just isn't "the one". And no wonder girls hate VD. Our heads are filled with visions of cupids and angels, hearts and roses. Being told by every commercial that he's going to propose on February 14th. Then when we open the gift bag and find a teddy bear instead of a diamond...chaos ensues!
People stop!!! Maybe I'm just starting to feel my old age, or maybe I'm starting to realize that you don't have to buy something to show someone that you love them. I think the gift of an experience and the memories made from that outlast the cards, the chocolates and the flowers. I think that you should tell someone you love them everyday, not just once a year! I think you should buy your SO flowers or go to dinner on a random Tuesday night because you heard a song that reminded you of them and you can't imagine living a day without them!
Next year maybe try turning off the phones, the TV and the Internet. Cook dinner together and then eat by candle light in front of the fireplace. Try a new wine and talk about it. Take a bubble bath together and remember what Valentine's Day is really all about: being with the one you love!!!


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

AMEN! my guy and I sat in and watched movies, drank wine, played WII and just hung out w/ each other. we did go out to dinner on Saturday, but it was a 90 minute wait. we ended up sitting at the bar and eating and had a great time.

MommaKiss said...

I'm so glad you had a nice "disconnected" weekend! Nothing better than that - regardless of the Hallmark Holiday.

So, um, VD really does suck. I seriously thought of Venereal Disease.


SteveBargelt said...

Well I'm glad you told me about this post ON THE WAY to the lodge... otherwise I was gonna propose. Phew... crisis averted! You'll just have to wait for your birthday or Christmas now missy! =D