Friday, March 27, 2009

Wanna be my friend?

Yesterday I went to my ex-Mother-In-Laws funeral. It sucked....duh. Not so much the funeral part, it was a lovely service, but the fact that I had to see the evil sister-in-laws. I haven't seen my ex's family in over a year.
A little back ground: The Bitches of East Hill are the ones that stalked my Myspace page and "ratted" me out about "talking" to Steve a last year to my then husband. I guess if its on Myspace it must be true...ok so it was true, but whateva. These "women" in their 50's don't work and have NOTHING better to do then to stalk Myspace and Face Book to get dirt on other family members. This is how boring their lives have become. Oh and I did I mention that they are constantly trying to befriend me on MS and FB? Riiiiight!

Back to my story: So its was really uncomfortable milling around the reception hall talking to the ex's family and being nicey-nice to these people that 01) I don't see very often and 11) are a contributing factor to my divorce. Then 1 of the SIL's, the fat one (she's the follower of the group. She doesn't have a single original thought of her own), comes up to me and is all "hey, its so good to see you. How have you been? We should really get together" Like she's my BFF. So I tell her "I've been great. Never better! Thanks." I turn and walk away.

Really? You want to be my friend now? Really? I thought you were a major bitch when I was "family" and had to associate with you. Now that I'm no longer part of your gossip circle you want to be my friend? Really? Why? Have you just run out of people in the family to talk about and you need fresh blood? No! Fuck you. Sorry that I've lost weight and that I'm uber happy now. Sucks that you're still fat....and a bitch. Go bother someone else you fat, unhappy troll!! And for the love of Goddess, STOP requesting me to be your "friend" on MS and FB. Its not gonna happen!!!


Day said...

Fat is easy to solve, trolly bitchiness not so much. Tell her to lay off the donuts!

SteveBargelt said...

See a correlation between the BITCHES in this post and the "C" in the post after it? NONE OF THEM WORK!

Being an unemployed lazy ass is the root of all evil!!!!

Sorry gotta go... Days of Our Lives is on! Mmmmmmm and I have a fresh supply of Bon Bons... nom nom nom nom nom nom!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

some people just can't take a hint. you should have had a piece of cake with you to distract her when she was trying to talk to you lol