Friday, March 20, 2009

I just kissed Criss Angel

That's right bitches, I'm sick. Apparently, Ashlee and I have been spending WAY too much time kissing Criss Angel! Ashlee was home sick yesterday and I'm home sick today. At least I'm up, FINALLY dressed and out of bed. Although today I really do feel like a zombie with a shiv. Don't piss me off. You have been warned. I'm sure that today you will be inundated with blog posts. And I'm sure they won't be nice. I'm admittedly the worst sick person in the World. I'm bitchy, I whine, I cry, I pout and frankly all I want is my Mommy. Honestly, pale and clammy is NOT a good look for me. We won't even talk about the hair! LOL
I want you all to feel my pain. It all started last night. My voice is gone and my throat is sore and swollen (there goes my sex life). Then this morning, I woke up stiff and sore. Every fiber of my body hurt. Even my hair hurt. Then, I nearly fainted getting out of bed this morning. I thought that I would be a work-a-holic trooper and try to go to work today. Ha ha that lasted all of 30 seconds before I nearly fainted in the shower. And since I now live on my own, I'm sure it would've been days before one of you bitches came looking for me. (I've fallen and I can't get up!) So I crawled back in bed and slept some more. I really wish I had a good excuse for being sick I drank too much Guinness and/or Jaeger, but even the thought of alcohol makes me want to go dry hump Melissa Etheridge! (BTW, props to Ashlee for all these alternative saying to "i just threw up in my mouth").
Alright, I'm going to try go eat something. Hopefully something that tastes just as good the 2nd time around. Happy F-ing Friday!


MommaKiss said...

Feel better. I HATE being sick, too. And same, all I want is my mamacita.

LOVE the alternative sayings. Esp Criss Angel :p

Ashlee and Brandon said...

I LOVE the Clueless referance! I hope you feel better. We should stop kissing Criss Angel!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

awe I hope you feel better!