Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My crib!

I'm still sick...albeit, alive, and sadly, I'm not feeling my normal witty self. So instead of going on a tyrade about what douche bags some people are (I'm saving that post for later), I thought I would finally take this chance to show you my new crib!

I've been in my apartment almost a month now and its just finally starting to feel like home. I still have a few more small touches to finish here and there. Some pictures to get up on the walls and some knick-knacks that need to find homes, but its all starting to come together. Enjoy!

My bathroom. Its pink and black and its
uber girlie. I LOVE it!!

Master P's bathroom.
Yes, the shower curtain is a
grass skirt! And the rug
is a surf board!

My kitchen. Not much happens here.
Not even sure why they gave me
one. They obviously don't
know me very well!

My uber comfy living room.
The sofa and chair are big enough
for me and Steve and even Master P
to cuddle in!

As they say on Cribs, this is where the
magic happens!
As you can see, Fred has already made

himself right at home on the bed.

This is Master P's domain.

I still have some work to do on it.

Its tough. He's 4 now. No longer a baby
but he's still a little boy.


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I love your bedroom! that bamboo-type shower curtain is kick ass too!

Day said...

Very cute! Can't wait to come over and see it. Especially like your uber girlie bathroom...very me! My Steve would kill me if I got that shower curtain!