Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guinness & Jaeger shots...(not so) Brilliant!!

Yesterday was St. Patty's Day. And like everyone else in the World, I went out celebrating. Boy did I celebrate. My Irish spirit was in rare form yesterday.
Ashlee and I started the festivities with a traditional Irish lunch. Whopper Jr's from Burger King and Guinness. Here's where it gets ghetto. We bought the "meals", poured out the soda and filled the cup up with a bit of Black Sunshine! Yes, we drank Guinness out of a paper cup....with straws! We are a couple of classy broads.
Last night, Steve came over....with more Guinness and we polished off the last of the corned beef, cabbage and red taters that I had made on Sunday. Then we decided to go out and hit the town. Look out World here we come! We decided to go to Finnegan's (begin-again) in Renton. (I've been going to Finnegan's for years. In fact, I was going there when it was The Giant's Causeway.) They always have plenty of Guinness and Harps on tap and last night was no different! (Although I think having to pay a $20 cover each is a little steep!) Of course they had green beer. I don't even want to know what your pee looks like after drinking a pitcher of that!
We do a lap, check out the scene, laugh at what people are wearing and saddle up to the bar. Guinness and a Jameson shot for Steve. Guinness and a Jaeger shot for me.....I'm pretty sure we can ALL tell how this night is going to end up! I'm predictable if nothing else. (this ritual will be repeated 3 more times.) So inside the bar, 92.5 was playing music...Snoop Dogg, Beastie Boys, Lil Wayne, etc. Outside in the tent, they had a traditional Irish band. Imagine the confusion my brain was having trying to process what was going on. I wanted to do a hybrid dance consisting of the Cabbage Patch and a jig! Now this is where things get interesting...and YES, I will be posting pictures as soon as I download them off my camera.
Here's a quick list of random things we saw last night. A group of 5 "cougars" wearing stuff that was too young for even their grand-daughters. A Mexican guy dancing the Mexican Hat Dance to Irish fiddle music. A "cougar" hitting on a drunk old gay dude. A fat chick with massive pit stains raping her man on the dance floor. A chick with a huge ass wearing a short, tight, green skirt that I'm pretty sure came off her Barbie doll. And we become that PDA couple that can't keep their hands off each other and suck face in the corner!
It was a great night! I vaguely remember flashing the twins at Steve...twice I think. Somehow St. Patty's Day turned into Mardi Gras. Funny enough, I didn't go home with any beads....Hmmm...curious. *shrugs* Do I dare mention ending the night by hanging out of Steve's truck puking up my corned beef...whoops, guess I just did! Tasty! (no wonder my migraine from Monday is still hanging on). Like I said, I'm one classy broad. And yet, Steve still stays with me. What a guy!
*note to self: you can't go drink for drink with your BF that weighs about 100 pounds more than you do and is about a foot taller. Hmmm maybe I should just get this tattooed on me!*


Day said... least the drink for drink wasn't enhanced by Sudaphed.
2nd...that was me in the green skirt and yes I stole it from my doll! You musta been too shitty to make out my face!

Irish Girl said...

I thought that was you!! The green beer blurred my vision! LOL