Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can I please speak to Mr. Behr?

In case you have your head in the sand, today is April Fool's Day. As a youngster this was my and my brother's favorite day of the year. You would think that my Mom would eventually catch on but she never did. I haven't played an April Fool 's joke in YEARS, but for some reason I was feeling a little sassy today and decided to play a joke on Steve.....I'm blaming it on all of the cake I ate last night for my Bday.
Ashlee and I started to brain storm. What could we do that wouldn't be too evil or harmful or that would eventually back fire on me and have Steve break up with me? Suggestions of replacing his bottled water with vodka, replacing salt with sugar (or vice versa), telling him I would make dinner & walk in with McD's all had been mentioned. But just sounded lame and were quickly thrown out. We even thought about gum that would turn his teeth blue...too juvenile. Think, Irish, think. Ah ha! I got it!!
I sent Steve a text: "Honey. I got a call from the apt managing company and they need to talk to U. Plz call Mr. Behr at 253-591-5337."
Steve: "its a recorded message for The Point Defiance Zoo....."
me: "ha ha April Fools. Get it...Mr. Behr...zoo...bear." *still giggle over that*
Steve:"F me!! I thought they were going to say that my apartment was on fire."
me: "Honey, do you really think I would text you that the apartment was on fire?"
Steve:"Good one. You got me."
me:"get it...Mr. Behr...zoo...bear. I would've been ROFL if you had called and gotten to talk to a real person and asked to speak to Mr. Behr. ha ha....sorry I'm dumb."
And this is why I know longer do April Fool's jokes. And yes, I'm still giggling over Mr. Behr!!


Day said...

I find this quite amusing! Mr. Behr! HA!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I like that, it's cute and not harmful. My friend actually got me and said she was pregnant. I was panicked for her cause she said her dad would kick her out and the baby's father would leave her...I wish she would have just told me to call Mr. Behr LOL

SteveBargelt said...

You you FING got me good. I was REALLY freaking out. Seems obvious now but I was slammed busy at work so I just called blindly and sort of in a panic, really...

Yep with fires, leaky pipes, water damage, meth labs and dead bodies on my mind... okay I'd better explain the last two there... see the the apartment next to mine has been empty since I moved in and being the 1st I though maybe they apartment managers had gone in and found weird shit!

Thanks honey... you made my day and I'm still laughing about it, too!

Paging Mr. Behr... you have a call on line two!!

Anonymous said...
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