Monday, April 6, 2009

Move over Anthony Kiedis!

My son is the funniest damn person on Earth!!! I was giving him a bath this weekend and he was playing with his blue loofah. He asked me what the string on it was for. So I told him its so we can hang the loofah up when he was done and it would dry. Master P then proceeds to stand up on the bath and try to hang it off his....junk. Yup!!! I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. Seeing my reaction only kept making him do it again and again.

Fast forward: Master P is getting dressed. Being almost 4 he prides himself in dressing himself. O_o OK, that's redundant! Anyhow, he's great at it. He even matches it pants to his shirt and his socks to the whole outfit. Better than most grown men I know. Back to the story. So, I'm puttering around the apartment getting stuff ready and he walks out. He says "Mommy, I'm ready". I turn around and nearly fall over. He has a shirt on and his sock. Yes 1 sock...on his junk!!! I try to compose myself and ask him why he doesn't have pants on. The conversation went something like this.

IG: P, where are your pants?

MP: I don't want to wear pant.

IG: You need to wear pants. You don't want everyone to see your wee and Mr. No-Butt. (Seriously, the kid has no-butt).

MP: They won't. That's why I put the sock on my wee!

I couldn't argue with that! Gotta love boys!!


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

it's so cute when they do that kid of stuff when they are younger, but when they are older and drunk somehow it's not as humorous LOL

Day said...

Too awesome!