Friday, April 3, 2009

Freak Out with my Geek Out

I don't really fancy myself as a Geek per say, more of a Geek Groupie. And this morning I was completely geeking out in my apartment. This weekend is the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle and one of my favorite Geeks of ALL time is going to be there....Wil Wheaton!! *squeal* And in case none of you know who Wil Wheaton is....first of all, let me say SHAME ON YOU!!! Secondly, let me remind you. He played Gordie Lachance in Stand By Me, Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and a ton of other stuff that would take up my entire post to list. To say I had a HUGE crush on Wil when I was a tween is a major understatement. Picture tear outs from Tiger Beat magazine covering my locker, bedroom walls and ceiling!!
Anyhow, I stalk...err...I mean follow his blog and Twitter updates and found out that he was going to be doing a morning talk show this morning in Seattle on KISW. Actually, props to BF for texting me and reminding me that he was on. It was amazing. I don't even remember what they were talking about, but every time Wil mentioned hockey, playing hockey, watching hockey, or anything geeky, I would freak out. I got giddy like a school girl and I got a funny-tingly feeling in my no-no parts!!! I just LOVE the fact that he can go from talking about a recent podcast about D&D to the LA Kings hockey and back without missing a beat...let's just say I would give up my first born to be friends with Wil. And the fact that my BF has a man crush on Wil.....Now that's a Geek Squad I'd like to watch in action!!!! *drools*
To make my day even better, I just bought Wil's shirt off shirt.woot!!! Not his actual shirt, but how friggin AWESOME would that be?!?! No, its one that he designed for shirt.woot. The bastard sold out in a couple of minutes when it was first up for sale and after stalking....err...checking daily for it, it is now available again. Imagine the high pitched squealing that was me this morning!!! *sigh* I'm still glowing after my victorious shopping trip.
Anyhow, I NEED a cold shower and to change my panties. I can't wait to go to the Comicon this weekend. (Holy Crap, did I just say that?!?!?)


SteveBargelt said...

I DO fancy myself a geek and well the fact that you are excited about the Emerald City Comicon is SUCH a turn-on!

And I love Wil... I don't PLAY hockey but I love hockey and D&D and Warhammer and Video Games and football. It is so cool that just because we're geeks doesn't mean we can't be into "tough" sports!

Plus I have a SMOKING HOT girlfriend and a GREAT job! So for all of you assholes who teased me in High School... hope your trailer home, your fat toothless wife and your job at McDonalds is treating you well!

SteveBargelt said...

oh and:



Irish Girl said...

I thought you would appreciate the "All your base are belong to us" I HAD to use it when I saw it!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

well you know the saying "couples who have crushes together, stay together"...ok that's not really a saying but at least you can both fantasize about the same man LOL