Tuesday, April 28, 2009

People are McLoons!

Some days I just hate working in insurance. ESPECIALLY when I have to deal with dum people. Why can't the loonies wait until after I've at least had my Grande white chocolate mocha with an extra shot before they call?!? But oh no!! They have to call me bright and early at 9am!

Here's a little background on said McLooney: one of our insureds, a 21 year old girl, was pulling into a parking spot at McDonald's, cut the turn too tight and clipped the other vehicles McMirror. So our insured says that she'll pay for the McDamage. A whopping $300. No biggie. Well apparently this wasn't happening fast enough for Miss McLooney and McLooney decides to call our office to turn in a claim. Here's how my conversation went with her.

McLooney: I called you yesterday. Why isn't my damage fixed yet?!?

Me: I spoke with our client and she is going to call the body shop and pay for your damage.

McLooney: Well I hope it happens quick. I have to drive back to Arizona on Friday. I don't know how it works in Washington, but as soon as I cross the state line, I'm going to get zapped with a $2000 ticket for not having a driver's side mirror.

Me: o_O (Do they have a sensor at the state line that tells them that you don't have a mirror).

McLooney: You need to get this taken care of. As soon as I cross the state line and have to go through the border patrol they are going to pull me over and give me a ticket.

Me: *crickets* (Where the fuck, do you live?!? Border patrol? From CA to AZ, really?!?!)

McLooney: Then as soon as I get through the border patrol, the State Police are going to pull me over and give me another ticket.

Me: o_O (Thank goodness Guantanamo Bay is closing or I'm sure they would throw you in there).

McLooney: I'm going to tell the border patrol that it's all Washington State's fault that I don't have a mirror.

Me: (Yes, because it was the STATE that hit your vehicle) I understand, the client said she will call the body shop and have it taken care of. Anything else I can help you with (like a lobotomy)?

Seriously!! Where the fuck do we live? I didn't realize that you had to go through border patrol crossing state lines! When did that happen? Did I miss the memo? Is Arizona now its own separate country?!?! Or for that matter, are we at war with Arizona?!?! Go back to Arizona you Loon. I think all that Arizona sun causes brain damage!


Ashlee and Brandon said...

Irish... didn't you know that there is an electric fence between all the states, and if you drive through this fence and you are doing something illegal then you are zapped. Like a bug in a bug zapper... don't go towards the light.

SteveBargelt said...

Let me translate for you Irish, my love...

"I am an illegal alien and I need to return home (MexEEEEEEco) to visit my sick mother. When I try to sneak back into the US, the border agents will give me a hard time and check my papers extra-muchly because I don't have a mirror! So then I won't be able to get back to YOUR country and live off YOUR tax dollars. So I'm pissed. Give me more free shit because I was born in a SHITTY country!"

Day said...

Redneck's from AZ! Maybe that same AZ sun made him retarded and gave him that red neck!
Funny shiz tho! Dumass custies.

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

GIRL! I work in insurance too, I feel your pain! lol