Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss Texty McTexterson

For giggles today, I looked at my cell phone statement. Usually I just pay the bill on line and don't bother to look at my usage, but today curiosity killed the cat. I scroll down to the text message part....still scrolling....still scrolling...almost there...painting my nails...they are dry now...go straighten my hair...finish watching the Star Wars Trilogy (4-6 of course. 1-3 sucked ass and were a complete waste of time and money. IMHO)...write my dissertation on Global Warming....ah finally done! "HOLY SHYT!!!" I yelled.

Me: Ashlee, guess how many texts I had last month, incoming and outgoing?
Ashlee: Ummm, 5000
Me: Close, 4429. Holy shit!!
Ashlee: You are seriously worse then my teenage cousin. I bet they are all to Steve too, huh? Seriously, you guys text all day, email all day, what the hell do you have to talk about at night.?
Me: We don't talk. We just usually have sex. Seriously though, its not all to Steve. Some are my Mom and that damn Twitter!

For more giggles (and out of sure boredom), we decided to do a little math. Here's the break down of my texts:
Daily-158.1785714 (we'll round up and just say 158.18)
Hourly-6.59 (of course that's in a 24 hour period and I'm usually asleep about 9 hours/night so that makes the number more like 10.55)
Per-minute- .1098 (using the hourly amount of 6.59)
Monthly charge for texts figuring $.10 per text= a whopping $442.90.

Thank Goddess for unlimited text. Screw you T-Mobile, screw you!!! *evil laughter*


Day said...

Take those T-Mobile bitches for all the are worth!

Ashlee and Brandon said...

I think you would win a texting contest if you were up against a teenager. You can text more and faster and get more responses than them.
Marti: 1
Teenager: 0

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I text a lot too, but HOLY SHIT! you have me beat lol

SteveBargelt said...

You ARE the Mayor of Textville!

Total 3270 text messages Last billing period for me --
Incoming: 1,604
Outgoing: 1,666

Also since I'm a geek I'm very excited to see that I used: 164,904 KB (164 MB) of data transfer last billing cycle!

Sadly I only used 246 minutes of talk or "phone" time. I have accumulated over 1200 rollover minutes in 6 months and I only get 450 base minutes with my plan!! Yes I'd rather text or tweet or facebook!

Irish Girl said...

*snaps fingers* Darn, I should've checked to see how many were out going & how many were incoming. I should also start a spreadsheet with the people that I text the most....but I'm not that bored today! =D

MommaKiss said...

Love the title, Texty...I see those stories all the time for people who don't have unlimited! Like 20k bills!

I'm a text-a-holic. It's bad. I even wore a button thin on my Crackberry.