Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Smack down at the local RR


So let me back up for a moment. Ashlee and I went out to lunch for our non-company sanctioned Christmas/New Years party. And what classier place to go then Red Robin. Can I get a "what-what"? Anywho, so we take our cozy lil love nest of a seat in the bar. This is the point in the date that I reveal to Ashlee, that if she treats me right, I will put out at the end of our date! We order our drinks (priorities!). A Mai Tai for my date and I order a Sand In Your Shorts. As usual, Ashlee doesn't like her choice and being the polite date that I am, I trade with her. I suck down my Mai Tai and order a Blue Moon. All the while we are enjoying polite conversation about bubble baths and eye goggles while eating our guacamole. By this time, Ashlee has finished her drink and is getting rather thirsty. To our dismay, the waitress, Flo has disappeared. I'm trying to calm Ashlee down, but nothing seems to be working.

When Flo FINALLY reappears, Ashlee gets all up in her face, talking this trash and that trash cause we all know that she's "Trashlee" (you know how people from Graham Cracker are). Ashlee then grabs the Teriyaki Burger off my plate and flings it at Flo. Ashlee rips off her clothes only to reveal a singlet like that on American Gladiator. It looked something like this:
Ashlee all Bad Ass. Her abs are really that tight too!

Of course Ashlee is now starting to get tired from the lack of food and too much booze (gotta love them Graham Crackers). Ashlee tags me in where I do an elbow drop off our booth. Flo goes down without much of a fight. I turn around and High-Five Ashlee. Ashlee then screams that Flo is coming back at me. This is when I grab a bar stool and with the other patrons shouting "chair, chair, chair" I crush it across her back! I would've done a pile driver, but 1-2-3, Flo's down for the count! High-five, very nice. The State Farm Girls win again. Lesson to all: DON'T MESS WITH THE FARM!!!

Me, sweet as can be!

All in all, I would have to say that it was a great Christmas/NY party. By far, the best I've EVER been too. In fact I was SO famished from my arss whooping that I took the bacon right out of my BLTA and dipped it straight into the mayo. Once I took care of the bacon, I went to work on the lettuce in mayo. Let's face it, EVERYTHING IS BETTER with mayo. And maybe next time, Flo will bring us our drinks in an orderly fashion!


Ashlee and Brandon said...

I enjoyed our lunch. Rock on Electric Lunches! O anyone who is reading wondering what is true... EVERYTHING is true!!!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Electric lunch and holiday lunch are pretty much the same thing! LOL

SteveBargelt said...

Those pictures do NOT do you justice! Much hotter in person! MUCH MUCH HOTTER!

Yay for smackdowns at RR!!

As long as you only put out for Ashlee, me and well who am I kidding - any other hot women we're good! LOL!