Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another ring in the circle of sadness

So I've talked about the "circle of sadness" before and yet the saga continues. Not directly, but here's what happened. Thanks to a fellow stalker...ehm...concerned citizen, we have discovered that apparently JM is dumber than dirt and up to her old tricks!!

Apparently last Thursday, she was made to shovel snow from the front of her office building. Not a big deal in itself, but then she *whoops* "slips and falls". Goes home, takes some "drugs" and went to bed. "Drugs" which she ALWAYS seems to have handy (that's a story for another time). Proceeds to feel better the next morning and goes to work. Apparently, while on said "drug", she makes a mistake. 1 single mistake on 1 single policy *bullshit* (sorry, I sneezed.) =D Because of this said mistake she is then suspended w/o pay until further notice..aka fired!! On the way home from work, she then goes to the er where she learns that she now has broken her tailbone and has compressed 4-5 discs in her lumbar spine. (Thanks, CafeMom for the update).

Oh good Goddess, where to I begin? First, you are not "suspended w/o pay until further notice" for making A mistake. You are suspended because you don't know how to do your fucking job and have been fucking up royally for a loooong time. Second, I know I would've gone straight to the ER from work, ESPECIALLY if I had "broken my tailbone and compressed 4-5 discs." What a re-re. All I can say, and I'm sure I speak for all of us that have been kicked out of the "circle of sadness"..Thank Goddess that we don't have to deal with this. I can only imagine if we did. But I guess if you can no longer get sympathy from having "cancer" or your mom having "cancer" or your kids being threatened to be taken away by their Dad, you need to invent new reasons to gather sympathy and keep yourself in the "circle of sadness". The people I feel sorry for in this latest episode are her 2 daughters and her "friends". But you can only feel sorry for those dumb, stupid bastards for so long until one day you jump with joy and scream "WE TOLD YOU SO!!!"

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