Friday, December 26, 2008

Hell has frozen over!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, it is true. In case you missed the news cast, Hell has officially frozen over. It has been snowing in the Seattle area can't even remember when it started its been sooo long. Best guess would be since December 13th. So of course around here EVERYTHING shuts down. I mean people can barely drive in the rain, let alone in the snow. And what better way to enjoy the snow then to have some coffee (with Baileys of course), get out the sled and forget that you are 33! (until the next day when you ass is sore!!!)

That's me. Acting a foo! I wanna go fast!!

Measurement was taken at about 2pm before another storm came in.
I think at the worst we had over a foot...yes 12 inches of snow
in our yard!
Our house covered in snow.
Looking very Christmasy!

Master P doing his bit to shovel off the patio!

Master P in his "winter gear" enjoying the snow.
I can't really complain. Every once in a while, its nice to have snow instead of rain! And growing up in California, we NEVER had winters like this. Actually, I think I'd rather take the snow any day! I don't mind being curled up inside next to a warm fire hanging with Master P!

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