Thursday, July 23, 2009

Motor boatin' stick figures

A couple of weeks ago, Steve emailed me and asked me if I could send him over a "test" fax. Apparently their fax was not able to receive in coming faxes and Steve was the one in charge of fixing it. Sure, I was more than happy to help my handsome BF out. Initially, I was just going to send a fax that said "test" or something equally lame and totally SFW, but then he made the mistake of sending me another email telling me to be careful of what I sent since it was a shared work space. Well that's all it took to ignite my little fire!!! So, my creative juices started flowing trying to come up with a clever "test" fax. Think...think...think...a ha!! And this is what was sent over:

Funny enough, he hasn't asked me to send him anymore "test" faxes. I'm assuming that he got it fixed...I mean surely it wasn't my drawing! LOL

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