Thursday, July 2, 2009

Did that hurt??? and other stupid questions!

I have several piercings....9 to be exact, and ready for number 10. My favorite by far is my Madison. I'm actually wanting to get a vertical Madison soon!!!....and possibly my septum redone, oh and I could totally get a corset done, but that takes a while to heal...and I'm off topic already. *ehm* It seems that no matter which piercing it is that people notice, my Madison, my Monroe or even my tongue, it never fails that I get asked the same questions....and they are dumb! So I thought I would take this time to address each question so y'all can stop asking me or at the very least come up with some that are more creative.

  1. (pointing to a piercing) Did that hurt? No, it tickled actually. I got into a fit of laughter as soon as the needle punctured my skin! Yes, you moron it did hurt. Someone took a knitting needle and stuck it through my skin. (Lucky for me, I happen to like the pain and that's why I keep getting them done!)

  2. (pointing to my Madison) Are those magnets? Umm. no they aren't magnets. I'm not a wanna be emo kid trying to look cool just so I can impress the other wanna be emo kids. Its actually a piece of metal through my body.

  3. How does it stay in? IDK, how do your earrings stay in, Stephen Hawking??? I'll try to speak slow, but you might want to take notes. There is a hole. The barbell goes through it. The back attaches. Ta Da!

  4. What does your Mother think? I'm 34 with a child of mine own. I'm sure my Mother has other things to worry or think about other then me putting a hole in my body.

  5. Why would you do that? Why not?

  6. But why? Why not?

  7. But why? Okay, let me break it down like this. I like pain and I like the way they look. And the fact that my ex-husband hates them and my BF loves them...well what more motivation do I need?

  8. Is it true what they say about girls with tongue rings? Here allow me prove it to you! =)


SteveBargelt said...

I hope the real answer to that last one is "ask my BF!"

But yeah... why do people always ask "Did that hurt?"? I mean YES it fucking hurt... a needle went through a part of my body!

BUT I LIKE the pain so when I say it "hurt" I REALLY mean that I LOVED it!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I took out most of my piercings but want to get my nose done again so bad. My boyfriend doesn't want me to get it done, but I am like a child, you tell me not to do something and I want to do it that much more LOL

Organic Meatbag said...

I know how you feel...people come up to me and see my face and say "Wow, it must hurt to be you"...

Ashlee and Brandon said...

I always like how people ask if they are real. No duh they are real!

there I commented... be happy. ;)