Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You want to put your corn where?!?!?

IDK if its that I just don't listen, I'm really a blonde trapped in a brunette's body or if I'm actually that big of a re!!! Allow me to elaborate.

Ashlee and I work in a small office and we sit rather close to each other. We like to talk.....A LOT!!! And because we are really open about things with each other (no such thing as TMI in here) its not unusual for a normal conversation about sewing to turn into a "we were bumping uglies last night and guess what" kinda conversation. So I'm just sitting here minding my own business working....okay so I was emailing Steve. Ashlee turns to me and starts telling me about an email she's writing. That conversation went something like this:

Ashlee: I just told Tab how to do corn in the fire.

Me: *shocked look on face* *and slightly confused* What the hell is corn in the fire?!?!


Me: *still confused* *crickets* OH!!! corn in the fire.

Ashlee: yeah. What the HELL did you think I was talking about?!?!

Me: *giggle* I thought you were telling Tab about a new sex position. I was thinking "why haven't I ever heard of this and how come you're only telling Tab and not me?!?!"

Ashlee: OMG, You're retarded. No dumbass. Tab is going camping and I was telling her how to cook corn in the fire.....but OMG, can you imagine if there was something called "corn in the fire"? And then you did it in reverse?!?

Me: *ROFL*

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TaBBiE AnN said...

yes, yes! You are very special! haha.. I think corn on the fire is something we are totally going to have to figure out!