Friday, July 17, 2009

Garlic fries and cats

Last Thursday Ashlee and I went to the Mariners game for Cheezburger night. Let me say this...I FRIGGIN LOVE going to baseball games with Ashlee. She rocks. She watches the games the same way I do. It was awesome!!

We got to the game and pre-funked at the pre-game party especially for LOLCats fans. Okay, before I get to the game, let me just say that Ashlee and I were a little worried about what kind of freaks we were going to find at a party for LOLCats fans. We kept picturing a bunch of frumpy looking ladies in their 50's with at least 20 cats at home. We were pleasantly surprised to see that everyone there was just like us. A bunch of office professionals in their 20s and 30s who when bored at work, surfed the net and found joy in cats that can't speak so good.

After the pre-game party, Ashlee and I decided that we were starving. Off to find us some garlic fries (best thing since sliced bread!). I grabbed a hot dog and Ashlee got her chicken strips. We made our way up to the 3rd level and ate dinner out on the patio over looking the Sound, the weather was perfect, BTW. Then we chatted it up with a great guy named Joel. Turns out Joel is the one responsible for making the LOLCats shirts that we were so proudly wearing. After we got our grub on, we decided to walk around a little and check out the stadium (and make fun of people)....okay so just who the hell wears stilettos to a baseball game anyhow?!?! (Just throwing that out there) After about 20 minutes of walking around and people watching we decided it was time to go home. (it was the top of the 3rd)

Time spent in our actual seats: 0 minutes
Time spent watching the game: 0 minutes
Drive time for garlic fries and cats: 40 minutes
Going to the game with someone who only goes for garlic fries too: PRICELESS.

For pictures and a full re-cap of the game head on over to Ashlee's blog!

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Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Sounds like you had fun! I'm so jealous!