Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 2

So today is day 2. And I have to say, so far, so good. I woke up this morning with the love of my life by my side. He told me that he loved me. To add to my excitement, I'm such a lucky girl, he got up with the kids at 7am and let me sleep in until about 9am. It was nice considering that I haven't really had a good nights sleep in over 3 days. I LOVE him SO much.

Today is day 2. Its been....nice. This morning Steven went on a bike ride with his two kids, which left me alone with Preston. Normally boredom is something that leads me to start drinking, but today we got out of the house and did stuff. It was an unusually GORGEOUS February day in Washington, so I took Master P to the driving range. Nothing like a little workout to ease the urges. OMG!!! We had SO much fun. He got complimented by EVERYONE on his form and his golf swing. *proud Mom bows* (Thank you, thank you, he's a natural, NO instruction what-so-ever.) We had a GREAT time, just me and Master P. Even I was hitting the balls good. They were flying straight and far with that little "ting" from the driver to let you know when you hit it right on.

Tonight we are looking forward to having Steve and Z spend the night at our house. I want to show and to prove to Steve that I can keep a promise. I can fight my own demons for the sake of our relationship and that I'm NOT a horrible mother. I just hope I can succeed.

Tomorrow, as most of you know, is the Super Bowl. The drinking day of drinking days right after St. Patty's day. In years past, I would go over a friend's house and we would bet with drinks. For example: You bet on who wins the coin toss, loser drinks. Who scores the 1st touchdown, loser drinks. The first points are a result of a field goal, loser drinks. As you can see, we would be FUCKED UP before the end of the first quarter....NOT this year. The ONLY drinking I will be doing is water and Gatorade 2 (G2). At least I'll get to see the half time performance before I pass out this year.

But its worth it. I have MY boys with me tomorrow. And they are worth it! I AM WORTH IT!!!

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Anonymous said...

As the son of an alcoholic, I vowed long ago to never let my boys see me in the same shape as I saw my old man so many times- the last thing I want is for them to revisit their childhood memories and recall carrying thier pop up that stairs after a hard night of drinking- you're right, you're worth it- and so is your son. s