Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Court sucks

For those of you who are my "friends" on facebook you already know this, for those of you who aren't, let me recap: On January 21st I filed an anti-harassment restraining order against the cunt...aka, Steve's ex wife, for me AND Preston (that's the important part, keep that part in mind). Today, February 3rd was our court date. And OMFG, things DID NOT turn out how I hoped. =(

I got to court early, our hearing was scheduled for 8:30am, I was there at 8:15. Finally at about 11am, it was my turn. I presented my case....with evidence. Like all of her FB messages to me, emails and over 1000 texts (no shittin) from her and her "son". She then presented her side. My emails to her, etc, etc. The judge heard both sides. I looked professional with ALL evidence in order, dressed in my most responsible looking outfit, and I was looking DAMN good, might I just say. Even my hair was having a good day. She looked like a homeless person with scraps of paper scattered here and there, dressed in what I'm pretty sure are Steve's old clothes, no makeup and I'm sure that she doesn't own a brush. Sadly, in the end, the judge said that she just didn't see any form of "unlawful" harassment *record scratches* EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME?!?! The cunt VERBALLY threatened MY son. Her kids will ONLY refer to me as "the bitch"....including the 4 year old. I have over 394 texts from the cunt in a span of 2 1/2 days. 2 1/2 days people!!! How does that NOT meet the definition of "unlawful" harassment?!?! I mean, BOTH Steve and I have told her to leave me the fuck alone. And yet she continues to harass me.

Am I completely innocent in the case...NO! I did text her back. But still. She has let air out of my tires, keyed my car and harassed me AND my son to no end. Still, the judge didn't see anything wrong with that. I brought up the point that the cunt has a DV charge and vandalism charge against her in Pierce county. And still, no "unlawful" harassment. WTF does she have to do, kill me,before they take this seriously?!?! No wonder our system is SO screwed up. ARGH. I'm so BEYOND frustrated and disappointed. And the worst part was having to watch the cunt walk out of that court room with a stupid smirk on her ugly face. Makes me just want to punch her.

IDK what to do next. I know she won't stop. Oh sure, things will quiet down for a few months, but she'll start up again. And when the Judge asked the cunt why she texts me so much, you know what the DBag said? Because she "just doesn't like me". Are you kidding me??? Grow up, you are 40 years old. Get a life...or better yet, get a job for that matter.

Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I didn't bring enough evidence to court with me. But come on. I have 3 months worth of text records from her. Umpteen FB messages and emails from her. I even brought copies of emails that Steven had sent to her asking her to stop contacting me. Her only explanation...hope you're sitting down for this. She "wants to break us up so Steve will come back home and she won't have to work." Oh yeah and she "just doesn't like me". The judge told us both to grow up and then excused us.....with the cunt winning and wearing that stupid smirk on her ugly ass face. ARGH!!! I hate our court system. I can maybe...MAYBE understand the courts not issuing a no contact for me...but NOT issuing a "no contact" for P. Are you kidding me??? He has nightmares of the cunt coming to get us. What's wrong with the female judge???

But never fear friends, the judge did say that she's leaving the case open so that as soon as I get a text message, FB message or what not from the cunt, I can refile. Not to be a total bitch, but I'm hoping she contacts me soon!!!


Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Complete and total BULLSHIT! I am SO sorry! That SUCKS!

炫風 said...
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