Friday, October 16, 2009

You can be my wing-man anyday!!

Last weekend I threw Steve a party for his 40th birthday. And while I PROMISE to post pix from the party, just as soon as the tech-savvy BF can fix my GD computer which wasn't really broken until he tried to "fix" it the last time....ARGH!! Sorry, I digress. For now though, I'm going to give you a little taste of what happened that night! A recap of the party via Ashlee and my text conversation:
Me: Hey, didn't that chick at the party Saturday night remind you of Cher from Clueless and her most responsible looking outfit?
Ashlee: Yes!! That was actually my first thought. I think I might have said a line from the movie to her and she was confused and thought i was creepy. Or i could have said something else to her but i know she thought i was creepy
Me:Well you are creepy
Ashlee: True. So it wasn't any diff. Yeah steve's friends prob think i'm super crazy. you might not want to invite me to the next party. Only save me for special occasions.
Me: Why? Aside from taking pix of your ass, what else did you? *and yes, I WILL be posting those pix*
Ashlee: Sing super loud in people's faces, or very close to them. And they weren't the correct words to the song. tell people the food was all for me. Tell peeps the food was not really what it was and then when they would ask my name, i would tell them a diff name everytime.
Me: Well thank goodness you were the annoying one at the party. Usually its me!
Ashlee: Lol i totally was looking out for you. I wanted his friends to like you so I stepped up my annoyingness to make you look better. I was taking one for the team
Me: I LOVE having a wing-man. Or in your case a wing-woman.
Ashlee: Yes ww for short. So keep me on your special list of: person i want to make me seem less annoying at a social event.
Me: Yes. next time I am your ww.
Funny. If I wasn't there, I would've sworn that Ashlee was drunk. Turns out, she's just naturally strange!

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