Friday, October 9, 2009

Cause I'm so gangsta!!

Today has been a mish-mash of miscommunication in this office. Which has let to some hilarity and I DON'T EVEN want to see what "Big Brother" caught on video!!! With me being sick and Ashlee being deaf, you can only imagine. Its getting close to noon and like an alarm clock, my tummy starts growling....hey, I'm a fat girl and I.NEED.TO.EAT!!! Not really, but I do love me some food. So Ashlee, who actually started this by saying that "baby" was getting hungry, asked what's to eat. The following conversation went something like this. Oh and it's partially visual, so you'll have to put on your Imagination Cap!

Ashlee: Mexi's hungry, what's for lunch?

Me: I don't know, but Mama's hungry!

Ashlee: Don't you have any Michelina's in the freezer? Cuz then you can "let Mama feed you"

Me: Yeah, but that doesn't sound good. I want some Taco Bell or McDonald's.

Ashlee: What?!?! You want to fuck some shit up in a suit??

Me: WHAT?!?! What are you talking about? I said I want some Taco Bell or McDonald's.

Ashlee: OOOOOH. I thought you said you wanted to fuck some shit up in a suit...

Me: *giggle* Dude, can you imagine walking into the Des Moines Goodwill, arms raised, throwing the gang sign yelling "I'm here to fuck yo shit up!"

Ashlee: *walking around office, arms raised throwing gang signs* Yeah bitches, we gonna fuck yo shit up.....while wearing my pimp suit! Then when I'm done fucking their shit up, I'll stop at the door, turn around and say "have a nice day. You just got yo shit fucked up".

Me: *LMFAO* No, no, dude wait. I would totally walk in there with my arms in the air and proudly annouce, "YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET YOUR SHIT FUCKED UP" then I would run down the aisles with my arms out like an airplane *running around the office like an airplane* and yell "ANARCHY, ANARCHY!! I'M FUCKING YOUR SHIT UP" Course I would totally be wearing my best pimp suit while doing it!

Ashlee: Totally and they would totally deserve it. Cuz we're gansta and we're just keeping it real. Cuz they don't know me. Hear that Goodwill, YOU.DON'T.KNOW.ME. *throws gang signs with arms raised* Oh Des Moines Goodwill, you don't even know what's coming for you.

And end scene. *bows* Okay, so you may not find it funny, but how the hell we got from lunch at Taco Bell to fucking shiz up at the local Goodwill in a Pimp Suit....guess you'd just have to work here to understand. And don't judge. You don't know us!!! *raises arms, throws gang signs*


Ashlee and Brandon said...

Dear Goodwill: I'm gonna fuck yo shit up cause YOU DON'T KNOW ME!

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here laughing out loud for the first time all week. "Hands in the air bitches!!"