Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Breast Pumps to Martini Shakers....

Anyone who has read this blog, knows that sometimes...okay, most of the times, Ashlee and I miss understand what the other is saying or asking for. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it will come as NO surprise to know that not only does it happen in person, but also via text. Last night I was driving home and forgot to grap something from Ashlee before leaving work, so I text her to let her know that I totally forgot. The conversation went like this:

Me: Damn, I forgot the pumps. There goes my social life! LOL

Ashlee: I don't get it.

Me: life!

Ashlee: What? Your texts are confusing me.

Me: Sorry, I meant that I want to include the breast pumps in my sex life. LOL

Ashlee: Ok. I was not understanding you. Now I do. You make me laugh. Lol the more you explain the more it makes more sense. then the funnier you get. For a sec i was wondering if you were drinking vodka chased with some pain meds

Me: Oh you know me SO well! Got my martini shaker in the passenger seat. Buckled in, of course.

Ashlee:Of course. Buckled up for safety. You can't be wastin the good stuff.

Me: Exactly, I have precious cargo. Maybe i should put my shaker in P's carseat. You know, just in case.

Ashlee: I think you should! Of make the sharker their own car seat.

Me: GENIUS! I'm going to Lowe's right now!

Ashlee: Good idea. Don't leave Lil S in the car! They might get stolen.

I think it goes without saying, Ashlee is going to make a GREAT Mom. Always looking out for the safety of our most precious cargo!

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