Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's Grosser Than Gross???

One night when I was still living in California and just starting to date the now Ex-husband, we decided to go to the movies. I can't really remember what we saw now, but I'm sure it was something riveting like ShowGirls or Broken Arrow. *sigh* Oh the classics of the early 90's!!! Anyhow we get our treats (popcorn and soda) find out seats and settle in. A little way through the movie I reach over, not taking my eyes of that giant 40' screen, for fear that I might miss the best part of the movie or that critical piece of information for the plot (neither movie had any of those!!!) and reach over for the soda. I take a big size gulp to wash down my very buttery popcorn when all of the sudden, I swallowed a big huge mouthful of.....warm wintergreen-flavored chew spit, complete with pieces of chew!!! YES. WARM.CHEW.SPIT. I, of course, immediately start to gag (I'm sure I actually turned a shade of wintergreen) and spit it out on the floor when the ass turns to me and in a very hushed "movie theatre" like voice says "oh you probably don't want to drink that, I've been spitting my chew in it." Really!?!? You think!!! Here's an idea, why not tell me first?? Why not move the cup to the other side where its NOT sitting in between us??? Why not get a separate cup for spitting?!?! ARGH! MEN!!!

Lessoned learn. I now buy a seperate soda.


SteveBargelt said...

That is SICK!

Not that this has ever happened to me okay yeah it has - I picked the wrong Pepsi can while driving my '72 Pontiac Ventura back in the late 80s!!

So now I have a system... I always "mark" my chew spit vessels in some way... dent cans, rip paper and foam cups and while you see inside of clear plastic water bottles I still tend to crinkle them up a bit - y'know for the feel the difference factor!

Irish Girl said...

Hey, at least it was your own chew-spit that you swallowed!