Monday, August 10, 2009

Is he that new actor?

As we do every Monday, Ashlee and I were catching up on the weekend events. Normally its the run of the mill stuff and not very blog worthy. However, this was too damn funny to keep to ourselves.

Ashlee: So what did you do this weekend?

Me: Well on Saturday Steve and I took the kids to Best Buy to replace some of the movies that had been stolen.

Ashlee: Who?

Me: Steve.

Ashlee: No Ben...


Ashlee: I know what Best Buy is, duh. I mean, what movie are you looking for? Which one with Ben Stolen in it?

Me: *crickets* *deer caught in head lights* WHAT are you talking about?!?!

Ashlee: You know, the actor, Ben Stolen.

Me: NO. We. went. to. Best. Buy. to. replace. the. movies. that. had. been. stolen.

Ashlee: Oooooh. I thought you were looking for a movie with Ben Stolen in it.

Me: *ROFL* *Hyperventilating* I THINK you mean Ben Stiller.

Ashlee: Oh yeah, that's it. So which of his movies did you get?


Ashlee and Brandon said...

Yeah I love Ben's newest movie. The one were he plays a Russian spy. You should watch it! haha

Organic Meatbag said...

Hahahaha! Ben Stolen sounds like an alias that somebody famous would use to check into a hotel...classic!