Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do you know the Muffin (wo)Man???

If any of you read Steve's blog, you'll know that they are doing a "Biggest Loser" type contest at work. Well since I'm dating Steve, I by default am also doing the contest. I support him 100% and it just wouldn't be fair for me to snack on bon-bons while watching The Big Bang Theory while he is snacking on carrot sticks. And oh the joy that I'm sure will be coming my way. This Monday night, Shittsburgh is playing on MNF and Steve is going to be making us a "healthy" dinner. Great just what I think of when watching football. Somehow carrot sticks and football just don't go hand in hand to me. Now, pizza and beer and football sounds like my kind of party, but I digress. Where was I??? Oh yes bon-bons and BBT (Big Band Theory). So as I was saying to show my Love that I support him in his quest I got a little curious just to see how bad of shape I am in so I know how good of shape I end up in.
And a little background. I was undoubtedly in my best shape in high school. I lettered in basketball and cheer leading. I was a teen who ate snickers bars and drank coke for those.were.the.days!!! Then I turned 21, started partying and drinking and put on some pounds. So before I got married, I joined a gym and again got down to a decent weight...125 to be exact. After I got married, I still worked out. Even when I was pregnant with P, I worked out, every day in fact, I even worked out on the day that my water broke. Still during those 36 weeks (he was early), I gained 40 pounds. Which is not bad according to the most doctors, but on the high end of what you should gain. Its not like I sat around and ate sweets. In fact, I craved cheese. And I put cheese on every and any thing...hmmm, perhaps that's why I gained so much weight. But anyhow, here I was, 30 and had just given birth. While I did lose the majority of the "baby" weight, I never could get myself back in the gym. I mean just when did I have the time? I worked 8+ hours a day and had a baby and hubby to take care of at home. So I never could drop those last 10/15 pounds. Which brings me to today.
Recently, Steve posted about how bad and off BMI is. After reading the studies, I would have to agree. I mean it was created in the mid to late 1800's. So this morning I stepped on his wonderful little scale and did my body fat%. HOLY.CRAP.ON.A.STICK!!!! I.AM.GOING.TO.DIE.A.FATTY!!! Case in point, my BMI for my height (5'5") and weight (137) is 22, which in the "normal healthy" range. My body fat% for my height, weight and age (34) is 36%!! According to the "experts" I am morbidly obese, should be NO more than 32% . Let's face it Mama Cass had a lower body fat% than I do.
Then I read my fitness magazines. "They" say you should throw out the scale and judge based off of how your clothes fit. Okay, so my size 8's, while they have gotten a little snug over the past few months, still to the job. And thankfully, without muffin tops!! So while I don't know the Muffin (wo)Man, I HAVE become the Stay Puft Marshmallow (wo)Man. Now, please excuse me, while I go gorge myself on carrot sticks and hop on the treadmill until I pass out from exhaustion. *sigh*

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