Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The C*ntpire Strikes Back

As I have mentioned here and here, the c*nt has been after my 4 year old son. Here's another message that she sent me via facebook. Again, those of you who are my friends are on Facebook, know that I have already mentioned that she sent me a direct message, well here it is. How a 40 year old "woman", a "human", a "mother" can attack an innocent 4 year old, I will NEVER know!!! So here is what the c*nt sent me on October 19th @ 10pm:

"My kids aren't the ones who cry for no reason that would be your brat. I've been told the stories of how he whines when you leave the room, cries because you served the wrong mac n cheese. Like I said he is a strong candidate to get his ass kicked by the time he hits kindergarten. Look at how fucked up your son is."

Are you kidding me?!?! Again, what 40 year old MOTHER says that about another child. I'm just speechless!!!

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