Wednesday, November 4, 2009

C*nt Face Wars

As I mentioned in a previous post Preston and I had a run in with the C*nt Face Whore that is Steve's ex. Well since that day she has been sending me direct messages on FaceBook. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I have alluded to those messages. I'm sorry, IDK maybe its me, but I really don't give a rats @$$ what she says about me, but when she includes my son in her rambling, then like a great hockey rivalry between the Sharks and the Penguins, the gloves are off. And this Mama Bear is NOT afraid to throw her gloves down and take on the c*nt. Funny enough, whenever I do encounter the c*nt, all she does is call her son on the phone or call Steve. She talks big, but can't put the money where her mouth is, sort of speak. I prey to the Gods and Goddesses that I meet her in a dark alley one night. Truth be told, I'm a lover not a fighter. But I was an award winning debater in College and in high school. And honestly, I have picked fights with both girls and guys in the past. IDK call it the Aries in me or the Irish in me, but I stick up for those that I LOVe and the things that I belive in and when you are wrong, you are just flat out wrong.....whoops appears that I got off topic. So the c*nt face, known as Brenda *gag* has been direct messaging me on FaceBook. Like the good Irish-Catholic girl that I am, I have NOT been responding to her, which I'm sure is pissing her off...good! But I thought y'all should know what she has been saying about my sweet, loving 4 year old son, who can't, really, defend himself. So I offer you message#1

"So Like I said before you are a complete fucking bitch and my son feels the same and he would rather have no relationship with his father then have to see your fucking ugly ass face every other weekend and Zoe will soon learn that all you do is try and buy her affection like I said before if you really want her to like you then get her the iPhone (yeah cuz evey 3 year old NEEDS an iPhone) she so desparatly wants that might do the trick because all the crappy ass toys you buy her are truly a waste of money. (heres the kicker) By the way your son should be extremely thankful that he didn't get your big ass nose, you really should change your facebook picture to something a little more flattering because the only thing you see in the pic is your nose. I hope he doesn't bet beat up a lot either with a name like Preston and you for a mother that is already 2 strikes agianst him when he goes to school and then the fact that he is such a momma's boy won't help him either. You should really get him some self defense classes because he will need them."

Really you douche?!?! What do you guys think?!?!


QT2 said...

Enough with her shit! Isn't this harrassment at this point!? How awful does someone have to be to bring kids into it. She is truly disgusting!

Irish Girl said...

Oh TT you have NO idea. Just wait, there's a 2nd part to my post. Can you belive a 40 year old woman verbally attcking a 4 year old child?!?!

Ang said...

What a f!@king c*nt bubble. I've known you for a long ass time and she is so wrong it's pathetic.