Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Unless you are living under a rock, you will know that today is 4:20...international Pot Smoking day. Honestly, I REALLY have NO idea what that means or where it comes from, however, on ALL of the radio shows today they have been debating the idea of legalizing pot or not. I thought I would chime in. Now this is just my opinion not fact mind you and I REALLY have no stats to back it up....hence it being an opinion. And NO, I'm not a pot smoker.

I for 1 DO NOT believe that Mary Jane is the "gate way" drug. I currently know, have grown up with and have known in the past "pot heads" who have never ventured to anything other than being a "pot head" vs a meth-fiend, coke-addict, etc etc. I don't believe that pot is a dangerous drug or will lead you to other more harmful drugs. Knowing the people that I have in the past, its quiet the opposite, unless you are hiding a box of twinkies from them! More people have been killed by alcoholics then by pot smokers and alcohol is legal. I think a lot of it has to do with the friends and crowd that you hang out with. And I think that some kids become addicted to pills, alcohol or worse without ever having tried pot especially at a younger age, thanks to their parents.

I honestly think that it should be legalized and then policed, like alcohol. Let the government tax it and reap some of the revenue that they are missing out on now. It might actually solve some of the budget deficit problems that so many states are having now. I mean people are going to do it whether it is legal or not, so just legalize it, tax it and put some of that money back into the state for other programs.

Also, let's look at the farmers. Farmers could harvest hemp and sell it for things like clothing, medicinal purposes, etc and could save a lot of the small farms that are going out of business because we are importing items from other countries for a few cents less a dollar.

Honestly, when was the last time you read or heard on the news that someone drove the wrong way down the freeway because they were high on pot??? Nope, usually drunk. Or about when someone went on a 3 day pot binge and killed their family??? Nope, usually meth. Pot doesn't make you lose your teeth like meth or get "tracks" like heroine. At worse, you have no drive and therefore are not a productive member of society....or maybe your are a functional pot head. Honestly, the majority that smoke pot that I have known, would rather play X-Box all day, then have to get into a car to drive anywhere. Think about it!

Either way, I think it should be legalized and then policed. If it can work in other countries, why not this one? I mean we seem to think that we are so much more superior, then let's prove it. Its not like marijuana is a brand new thing, its been around since the time of the Bible and before.

What's your opinion?


Ashlee, Brandon and Oliver said...

I think this post is boring and you should post something different..... hahaha... now delete this.

Irish Girl said...

LOL, so according to Ashlee this post has too many words...OBVIOUSLY I don't smoke pot. Now back to my XBox game!

♥ Jennerific ♥ said...

420 came from the police code for marijuana use ;) As in "We've got a 420 in progress here" in response to some kids smoking weed in a parking lot. Now you know!